The Seed Montessori School – 25 Years of Service to the Child by God’s Grace


5 Reasons Why Montessori Is Right for Your Preschooler

The Montessori curriculum also often comes with a higher price tag. This leads Circle of Moms members like Rebecca to wonder if sending her twin 2-year-olds to a Montessori preschool will provide […]

The TSMS Dome: Center for Sports, Arts and Music

In line with its mission to be of service to  the total child,  TSMS has made another major milestone.  By God’s grace, on it’s 25th year, the TSMS Dome has […]

Have Faith in the Child

The following extract is from an article Dr. Montessori wrote on ‘Disarmament in Education’. The article first appeared in the Montessori Magazine Vol. 4 No. 3, July 1950 and was […]

On Discipline – Reflections and Advice

An inexperienced teacher who is full of enthusiasm and of faith in the attainment of that internal discipline which should grow up in the little community is faced with certain […]